Mindset and Overcoming Food Allergies with Sonia Hunt

Do food allergies and sensitivities control your life? Sonia Hunt’s first reaction was when she was three years old, and since then she has discovered multiple food allergies and sensitivities.  As a result, she has had to adjust her nutrition and mindset, so they don’t control her.

Sonia Hunt is a food allergy activist, TEDx speaker, and tech marketing executive. She is a proud first-generation Indian-American living in San Francisco, CA. Sonia is the creator of the Three to Be™ program, a holistic health and well-being program that guides people on how to Be Healthy, Be Safe + Be Well™ (her mantra), to thrive in life.

A life-long sufferer of food allergies, environmental allergies, and asthma, Sonia created and utilized the Three to Be™ program to transform her health and well-being holistically. Her life’s work is at the intersection of humans, health, and technology, creating products and services that drive impact for people and the planet. (https://soniahunt.com/)

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Sonia’s background, the symptoms of her various food allergies, and the terror she experienced during her first bout with anaphylaxis (1:47)
  • The various types of reactions she has experienced, whether immediate or delayed (5:47)
  • The science and process behind food sensitivity testing (9:16)
  • Sonia’s experience with building up a hormetic response to certain foods she reacts to (11:28)
  • Symptoms she has experienced with medication she has taken to combat her allergies (14:06)
  • The mindset changes she had to implement when dealing with her allergies and her self-reflection when writing her book Nut Job (17:22)
  • Her decision to “shun” her food allergies as a young adult and the episode that left her in the hospital for three days, covered in hives that remained with her for a year (22:57)
  • The accountability she has found in writing her book and helping others dealing with the same challenges (27:37)
  • Common denominators or pillars that exist between people suffering from food allergies or sensitivities (30:00)
  • How her interactions with people have changed and how they view her food allergies and restrictions (35:06)
  • The importance of asking questions and prioritizing your health (37:40)
  • What a typical day of eating looks like for Sonia (40:07)
  • How she views her restrictions as a challenge to just make better, more delicious food at home and to always be conscientious about what she’s eating when on the road (42:09)
  • When she discovered she was in remission from all her food allergies (43:50)
  • Her hesitation in attempting to eat some of the foods she was once allergic to and the reasons she doesn’t feel quite compelled to do it (48:46)
  • The foods she used to crave and wished she could indulge in prior to her latest discovery of remission (51:36)
  • Sonia’s writing process (53:04)

Where to learn more from Sonia and purchase her book Nut Job

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Robert Sikes


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