My 2023 Competition Prep

For this episode, my lovely wife, Crystal, interviewed me about my upcoming competition prep and all the things we have going on for 2023 regarding the business. It's always a pleasure to have her on the podcast with me, and I hope you enjoy learning about my plans for competition for the remainder of the year.

What we discussed:

  • Tentative plans for competitions through November and my canceled competition in 2020 (3:30)
  • My stats now vs. when I started back in 2020 (7:10)
  • Lab work before starting the prep (8:15)
  • My protocol for this prep (10:18)
  • My book, Ketogenic Bodybuilding, which outlines the exact prep protocol that I use for myself and all my clients (12:02)
  • The process of building an intensive online course based on the book (12:40)
  • The difference between this prep and those I've done previously (15:08)
  • Keeping focus on what matters (17:58)
  • Never permitting myself to be short with those I love simply because I'm doing a competition prep (22:28)
  • Being a masochist when it comes to prep (23:42)
  • My plan for reverse dieting (27:49)
  • In-between competition protocol (29:27)
  • My overall goal for this prep (35:05)
  • Becoming extremely lean is not the healthiest goal to have in regards to longevity (38:37)
  • Documenting the process (42:40)
  • How I'm planning to start off my prep (44:39)
  • Full body split workouts (49:20)
  • Meal prep (51:19)
  • Competition prep and a growing family (54:56)
  • Strengthening our marriage through each prep (56:18)

Where to learn more and follow us during the prep:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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