Natural Bodybuilding Competition Promo with TJ West

TJ West is an amazing human with a heart of gold, and he is promoting an upcoming natural bodybuilding competition in Central Arkansas. It was a pleasure to meet him and work out with him, and I'm super excited to welcome him to the podcast. Sit back and enjoy!

What we discussed:

  • Gym equipment, keto, and bodybuilding (2:45)
  • Body fat percentage and cutting for fitness competitions (7:29)
  • The optimal body fat percentage for natural competitors, with a focus on joint pain and inflammation (13:29)
  • Fitness programming, including exercise selection and progression (18:45)
  • Fitness, prison ministry, and personal growth (24:30)
  • Entrepreneurship program, personal training certifications, and reentry into society after incarceration (29:19)
  • Hosting a natural bodybuilding competition in Arkansas (33:29)
  • Natural bodybuilding, drug testing, and competition (38:09)
  • Growing pains of hosting a competition (45:10)

Where to learn more:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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