Natural Bodybuilding the Savage Way with Greg Mahler

For this episode, I invited client and friend Greg Mahler to the compound for a few days to film a few videos and discuss his experience working with me doing a ketogenic, natural bodybuilding prep.  We had an amazing few days and I can’t wait to share with you everything we have in the pipeline. I hope you enjoy this podcast, especially if you’re interested in a ketogenic bodybuilding protocol.

What we discussed:

  • Greg’s numbers at the beginning of contest prep vs. now (1:44)
  • How he used to prep following a bro diet approach with “boring carbohydrate” content and lean proteins and his preference for ketogenic (3:17)
  • Hormone levels and how they’re affected by a ketogenic prep vs. a traditional prep (4:43)
  • The struggles Greg went through during this prep outside of the normal trials and tribulations surrounding bodybuilding competition (5:47)
  • How competition prep actually helped him get through the months leading up to the death of his father (8:16)
  • Getting his pro card (10:41)
  • The value Greg places on natural bodybuilding and the testing he underwent prior to the competition to prove his natural status (12:10)
  • The vibe backstage at natural competitions and the camaraderie that emerges as a result of everyone standing on common ground and making the same sacrifices (14:07)
  • The hydration tweaks we made prior to the competition (17:00)
  • The feeling of euphoria he got at the end of the competition standing next to his fellow competitors (18:33)
  • The mindset it takes to dig deep and prep for a competition (19:55)
  • How we spent our time together and all the delicious food we enjoyed when Greg visited Arkansas (21:00)
  • The importance of not deviating from lifestyle choices when having a celebratory meal after a competition (25:42)
  • The refeed process after a competition prep (26:31)
  • How a ketogenic prep differs from the traditional binge/purge, which in turn helps to prevent a negative relationship with food (27:59)
  • Placing a priority on nutrient-dense, quality sourced foods when following a ketogenic diet rather than having keto “junk foods” (30:06)
  • The first time Greg and I met in person at the Keto Summit in Omaha (31:37)
  • Laurels and tattoos (33:38)
  • How we rounded out our visit with delicious food and fellowship (36:24)
  • Greg’s experience with obstacle races during the competition prep (37:10)
  • His plans for competition in the future (39:29)
  • The benefits of friendly competition (41:44)

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Robert Sikes


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