Nurturing a Growth Mindset and the 4x4x48 with Marcus Aurelius Anderson

Have you ever committed to something that pushes you to your limits physically as well as mentally? Marcus and I completed the David Goggins 4x4x48, a grueling two-day event during which we ran 50 miles. It challenged us in many ways and it was a pleasure to go through that experience with Marcus and discuss our results and lessons.

What we discuss in this episode:

  • What the 4x4x48 is and what it entails (1:02)
  • Marcus’s background and professional experience (2:21)
  • How we met and why we decided to do the challenge together (2:48)
  • Pushing through the sleep deprivation throughout the two days (5:55)
  • Terrain challenges we faced (6:50)
  • Mindset and resilience (8:10)
  • Realizing your true potential and not letting pockets of opportunity pass you by (10:48)
  • Hurdles in life as obstacles to push through to gain the momentum to carry you to success (12:52)
  • Helping clients tap into their full potential (15:01)
  • The 40% rule (16:31)
  • Not giving yourself the option of quitting (19:32)
  • How challenges empower you (23:06)
  • Breaking down large goals into smaller obtainable steps (24:25)
  • The importance of continuing to push yourself, even when things are going well (27:13)
  • Making courageous decisions (30:13)
  • How we conduct ourselves in the face of adversity being an indicator of how we do everything else in our lives (33:21)
  • Radically accepting adversity rather than resisting it (38:02)
  • Avoiding having a victim mentality (40:09)
  • Adapting to the unexpected (42:35)
  • Defining “enough” (47:02)
  • Superficial accomplishments vs. actual work (51:28)
  • Living every day as if it’s your last (51:36)
  • The progression to excellence as a marathon of sprints (56:13)
  • Leading by example (1:01:25)
  • Taking pride in everything you do, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant (1:02:10)
  • Confidence and not feeling the need to impress others (1:09:03)
  • What’s coming up for Marcus in the near future (1:12:24)
  • The background of his name (1:15:57)

Where to find Marcus:

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Robert Sikes


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