Business and Training with Austin Paulsen

On this episode, I welcome back repeat guest and all-around great guy, Austin Paulsen. I met Austin during a competition and was immediately impressed by his attitude and personality. He recently did a competition and absolutely killed it, so I wanted to have him back on the podcast to discuss strategy, nutritional protocol, and much more.

What we discussed:

  • Austin's battle with a brain tumor and his recovery (2:29)
  • Supplementation (5:07)
  • His competition schedule and results in 2021 (6:13)
  • Rapid backloading protocol (10:00)
  • Prep strategy (11:50)
  • His electrolyte consumption (16:50)
  • Conditioning prior to peak week (19:46)
  • His calorie intake during his deficit (21:49)
  • The role of cardio during a prep (23:21)
  • Weight stabilization outside of a prep (27:18)
  • Consistency as the key to success (29:42)
  • Transparency in the fitness realm (35:18)
  • Learning how to adapt in terms of nutrition (36:36)
  • Chronic caloric restriction and proper reverse dieting (39:41)
  • Macro distribution during prep vs. the offseason (44:42)
  • The variations of a ketogenic diet in the bodybuilding world (47:11)
  • The many different ways to be successful on stage (48:02)
  • Other health benefits of following a ketogenic plan (50:23)
  • Importance of constantly gathering data and information and being willing to make changes as needed (52:08)
  • Handling stress (55:46)
  • His biggest accomplishment for the last contest prep being the mental growth and the management of his stress and emotions (59:34)
  • What he's noticed in terms of recovery, sleep, energy, etc., with the addition of TRT supplementation (1:03:27)
  • The difference in appearance between natural bodybuilders and enhanced bodybuilders (1:06:47)
  • Muscle preservation in the offseason when using enhancements (1:09:05)
  • Benefits of doing trial peak weeks (1:14:05)
  • What's coming up for Austin in the near future (1:15:36)

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Robert Sikes


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