Overcoming Alcoholism and Transforming Your Life with Michael Denehy

What would be a catalyst for you to finally realize you need to make drastic changes in your life in order to reach your full potential? After a night of drinking, Michael woke up not remembering what happened or how he got home. That was the first day of his sobriety.

Michael is a recovering alcoholic who, ironically, owns a brewery. He is a wonderful client-turned-friend who found salvation in the ketogenic diet and ultimately in training for a physique competition. It was a pleasure to finally have Michael on the podcast, and I look forward to our Colorado adventure together later this year.

What we discussed in this episode:

  • The "aha" moment that led Michael to his decision to completely change his life (3:33)
  • Physical and psychological addictions to alcohol and the differences between them (6:55)
  • Michael's loss of his sense of purpose and how he tried to use alcohol as a replacement (12:54)
  • How his personal experience with alcohol has influenced how he runs his business and handles customers (15:16)
  • His use of the ketogenic diet as a "smokescreen" to hide the fact that he was abstaining from alcohol (17:34)
  • How the decision to train for a physique competition gave him a goal and helped him stay on the path to recovery (23:17)
  • The definition of post traumatic stress disorder and Michael's struggle with that condition (30:00)
  • His experience with the recovery process and the timeline (36:34)
  • How he has been able to continue in his career as a brewery owner despite being an alcoholic (39:17)
  • The physical effects of recovery and his new lifestyle (42:56)
  • Michael's experience with the ketogenic diet from a hunter's perspective (45:05)
  • Our upcoming hunting trip in Colorado (51:50)
  • The satisfaction in hunting and knowing you not only provided nutritious food for you and your family, you gave the animal a dignified and purposeful life (57:27)

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Robert Sikes


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