Crunching Nutritional Numbers With Marty Kendall

Does the vast amount of nutritional information available overwhelm and confuse you? Marty presents an unbiased look at optimal nutrition for individuals that is very data-driven and overall just makes sense.

An engineer by trade, Marty has helped thousands of people take control of their health through data-driven nutrition. He has an abundance of knowledge and it was a pleasure speaking with and learning from him.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • How Marty became interested in data-driven nutritional optimization (2:07)
  • His belief that your diet or way of eating doesn't need a fancy name, just enough nutrients (4:31)
  • The dangers of getting hyper-focused on something tangible rather than results when it comes to health and weight-loss (7:30)
  • Protein's role in adequate nutrition (9:08)
  • The importance of enjoyment in order to maintain sustainability in any diet or fitness program (11:55)
  • Marty's stance on the carbohydrate insulin model of obesity (14:35)
  • Taking context into account when dialing in your nutritional needs (21:03)
  • The increase in vegetable oil consumption and the reasons and dangers associated with this (22:56)
  • The beginnings of Marty's data analysis with My Fitness Pal (27:20)
  • Prioritization of nutrient density from a satiety standpoint (30:30)
  • The delicate balance between protein and fat and the importance of not overdoing either (34:18)
  • Gluconeogenesis and Marty's opinion on the controversy surrounding that (41:35)
  • His data-driven fasting approach (42:58)

Where to learn more from Marty :

Optimising Nutrition
Big Fat Keto Lies

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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