Podcasting and Parenting with Andrew Zaragoza

This episode is for anyone interested in parenting, nutrition, or starting a podcast from the ground up. Andrew is a Podcast Producer, Host and Instructor. He's a husband and father of two incredible kids, and has been a Photographer, Videographer and Podcaster creating content for over a decade. He's worked random jobs his whole life, never having a sense of fulfillment or meaning. One day he realized that if he disappeared, no one would notice. That's when he decided to go all in and do whatever it took to leave his job to pursue his passion. We've got lots of great information for you in this episode, so grab a pen and a notebook and get started. 

What you'll learn:

  • Andrew's backstory and why he got in to podcasting (1:34)
  • Fatherhood, work-life balance, and prioritizing quality time with family (7:49)
  • Raising children with a focus on self-sufficiency and sustainability (10:25)
  • Raising and consuming animals with a focus on regenerative agriculture (16:07)
  • Local food sources, quality vs. convenience, and the benefits of eating locally grown food (19:11)
  • Diet quality's impact on body composition and performance in bodybuilding (25:17)
  • Ketogenic diet and satiety, with a focus on macronutrient balance and calorie intake (27:57)
  • The pros and cons of fruit consumption for metabolic health (33:11)
  • Parenting and fostering healthy eating habits for toddlers (35:30)
  • Personal responsibility for health and wellness (40:16)
  • Alternative medicine and traditional healthcare (46:27)
  • Podcasting as a medium for sharing information and connecting with experts (53:03)
  • Podcasting journey, struggles, and lessons learned (57:40)
  • Podcasting, its benefits, and Andrew's passion for helping others through his platform (1:01:54)
  • The importance of active listening (1:06:53)
  • Podcasting outlook and growth potential (1:10:58)
  • Podcasting, equipment, and course creation (1:16:29)

Where to learn more:

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Robert Sikes


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