Retro Bodybuilding with Craig Toni

Craig Toni began his bodybuilding journey back in the 80's, when anabolic steroid use was the norm. He's suffered some health issues due to his experiences during that time, and it was a pleasure to welcome him to the podcast to share his story and his transition to a ketogenic way of life. I know you'll take something from this episode.

What you'll hear:

  • Craig's backstory and how we came to know one another (1:30)
  • Natural bodybuilding, keto diet, and the importance of personal experience (3:44)
  • The use of performance-enhancing drugs in bodybuilding, with a focus on the potential risks and side effects (9:00)
  • Bodybuilding, gym culture, and drug use in the 1990s (14:51)
  • How steroid use affected his body, including appetite muscle growth (19:33)
  • The use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and its potential benefits and drawbacks (24:48)
  • Diet and steroid use for muscle gain and hormone levels (30:14)
  • Bodybuilding dieting strategies and their effects on physique (33:41)
  • How steroid use affects strength training and gains (37:50)
  • Joint pain and inflammation as a result of steroid use (42:56)
  • Battling migraines and migraine-related health issues (45:15)
  • Blood pressure and dietary changes (50:58)
  • Kidney damage and digestive issues (59:15)
  • Protein intake and its impact on ketosis (1:05:13) 
  • Keto and carnivore diets for health and bodybuilding (1:10:58)
  • The benefits of a ketogenic diet in bodybuilding, with a focus on hormone regulation and muscle growth (1:17:30)

Where to hear more:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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