Renita Mairs Discusses Fat, Protein, and Reverse Dieting

Former client and repeat guest Renita Mairs is a positive force in the keto and bodybuilding community. I was lucky enough to coach her through her first bikini competition back in 2018 and it was a pleasure to have her on the podcast today.

Through her training and dietary choices, Renita just keeps getting better and better as time goes by. She spent some time as a coach, but now enjoys helping people through online spaces, such as Facebook groups and Instagram. I look forward to seeing her progress in the years to come, because I know she is headed for even greater success.

What we chatted about in today's episode:

  • Renita's experience with coaching (2:30)
  • Common trends that she sees as an admin of several keto Facebook groups (4:37)
  • The danger behind attempting low-fat keto (7:06)
  • Chronic undereating and the toxicity of social media (9:44)
  • Why one-size-fits-all can be detrimental to fitness and nutrition (11:07)
  • The hormonal challenges she faces as a woman and how keto helps her regulate the ups and downs (17:32)
  • What a prep looks like for her and how she adjusts her intake in the on and off seasons (21:23)
  • The term "fat as a lever" and what that means to Renita (29:33)
  • Nutrition trends and where Renita see things going in the next few years (33:22)
  • Body dysmorphia and the importance of not solely focusing on what you want to change, but appreciating what you have (42:57)
  • The importance of having a healthy self-image (43:49)
  • Renita's experience with perimenopausal symptoms and how keto has helped to eliminate them (50:45)
  • Making meal and macro tracking sustainable (55:07)
  • What she's looking forward to over the next year (57:28)

Where to learn more from Renita and follow along on her journey:


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Robert Sikes


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