Life Choices, Pregnancy, and Nutrition with Kate Turner of Nordic Naturals

How would your life be different if you had received quality guidance from a mentor prior to choosing your career path? As a college student, Kate was lucky enough to have a great guidance counselor who helped her choose her career path in fitness and nutrition.

Kate Turner is a nutrition specialist with Nordic Naturals, owner of Live Well with Kate, and host of the Naturally Well podcast. She is super knowledgeable in her field and offers wellness coaching that includes a comprehensive nutrition and fitness plan and 24/7 access to Kate's expertise. It was a pleasure chatting with her and I look forward to hearing the news of her baby's birth in a couple of months.

What we discussed in today's episode:

  • What sparked Kate's interest in nutrition and how she chose that education path in college (1:23)
  • Her training experience in Italy and how that caused a shift in her focus (7:28)
  • The importance of not always being in "go-mode" and learning when to take a break to avoid burnout (11:55)
  • Implementing a caffeine detox in order to tap into your natural energy stores (16:38)
  • The Italian use of whole ingredients and no fillers in their cuisine and how that affects quality and taste (18:08)
  • How the American food industry tricks people into thinking what they're purchasing is "healthy" by what they put on the packaging (20:16)
  • The benefits to shopping local farmers markets (23:10)
  • Kate's opinion on where the confusion lies for people when it comes to nutrition (26:24)
  • The importance of going back to the basics when educating people on fitness and nutrition (32:03)
  • The beginnings of the Natural Well podcast by Nordic Naturals and Kate's experience with that (36:37)
  • The Nordic Naturals background and how it grew into the solid supplement company it is today (40:17)
  • Kate's upcoming life changes, including her pregnancy journey and her preparations for her first baby arriving in a couple of months (41:52)
  • Her nutrition advice for pregnant women or those who hope to become pregnant (43:12)

Where to find Kate:

Live Well with Kate
Nordic Naturals

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Robert Sikes


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