Round Two with Colt Milton

On this episode, we welcome back Colt Milton to discuss all things competition prep and his experience following the protocol from my book, Ketogenic Bodybuilding.

What we discussed:

  • How he utilized the book up to peak week (1:23)
  • Adjusting to the higher protein level and the reasons for the increase (5:28)
  • Salt cravings during the prep and electrolyte consumption (9:42)
  • Overcoming challenges when beginning this prep (14:59)
  • Struggling with disordered eating (21:39)
  • Other obstacles he had to overcome, such as a foot injury and a big move right in the middle of the prep (22:38)
  • The Master Press (23:23)
  • How his foot injury affected his training (29:39)
  • Leaning on his faith during the prep and healing (35:11)
  • The mental growth that happens during a prep (39:33)
  • Using a sauna (49:39)
  • Colt's upcoming shows the rest of this season (52:13)
  • Trends he's seen with his clients and what's sustainable (54:49)
  • Handling cravings on the ketogenic diet (59:12)
  • Nutrient density vs. volume (1:04:09)
  • Extremely high water intake (1:07:22)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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