The Benefits of Exogenous Ketones with Peter and Devon from Kenetik

Have you ever thought of trying exogenous ketones to support your ketogenic lifestyle? Peter and Devon are the founders of Kenetik, a ketone energy drink that can help support a healthy metabolism and a higher performance level.

What we discussed on this episode:

  • The origin story of Kenetik (2:03)
  • The challenges of beginning a ketogenic diet for the first time (5:43)
  • Esters, MCT oil, BHB salts, and the financial and GI drawbacks to those products (7:57)
  • Building the business initially and the challenges they faced with getting people to simply try the product at conventions (10:27)
  • The chemistry behind Kenetik (13:44)
  • Isometric purity (18:26)
  • Cost of production and how that has changed due to advances in research, etc. (20:54)
  • Sweeteners and trying to appeal to a larger market (24:10)
  • When exogenous ketones are the most advantageous (29:43)
  • Ketones as the preferred fuel source for the brain (34:30)
  • How exogenous ketones can help with recovery (44:19)
  • Exogenous ketones in a fat-loss phase (48:18)
  • How Kenetik can complement intermittent fasting in a ketogenic diet (52:19)
  • Using exogenous ketones while not following a ketogenic diet (55:39)

Where to learn more about Peter, Devon, and Kenetik:

  • Kenetik (use code savage50 to get 50% off your order!)

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Robert Sikes


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