Setting and Smashing Goals With Jen Pittaro

Jen Pittaro is a current client and badass, and she’s letting nothing stand in her way of finally standing on stage for her fitness competition.  When Jen’s first competition went virtual due to the continued pandemic issues, she refused to let that stop her. She committed to prepping for another competition in November and she has continued to smash her goals week after week. It was a pleasure having her on the podcast and I can’t wait for her to finally step on stage. 

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Jen’s decision to begin following a ketogenic lifestyle and how she found me and the podcast (1:59)
  • Why she agreed to take on the challenge of a fitness competition (3:27)
  • The health reasons behind following keto and how it has helped her maintain hormonal health while going through a rigorous contest prep (4:54)
  • How she handled the caloric increase I imposed on her when we first started working together (7:46)
  • The lack of results she faced when rigorously working out and only consuming around 1400 calories a day (9:06)
  • Her success in getting lean all while consuming over 70% of fat calories (11:35)
  • The level of commitment she showed week after week that ultimately led to amazing results (13:30)
  • The lessons she learned from her last prep regarding supplementation and water weight gain and how she has adapted things for this go around (14:45)
  • Her mindset shift when it came time to be more strict with calories and how she handled the difficulty of monitoring her food intake when out with friends on weekends (17:34)
  • How knowing what to expect has made this show prep a little bit easier (21:09)
  • The support she receives from family and friends and how that has been crucial to the sustainability of her prep lifestyle (24:27)
  • An overview of her training and how it looks from day to day, and the importance of changing things up to make it enjoyable (27:50)
  • How the pandemic affected her workout routine and the changes she made to accommodate that (34:25)
  • The enjoyment and fulfillment she gets from sharing her story with others and being an inspiration (39:07)
  • What’s coming up next for her after the next show (40:33)

Where to follow Jen’s journey:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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