Strong Man, Camping, and Getting After It With Keto Explorer Adam Fuller

My good friend and former client, Adam Fuller, visited with us at the compound in Arkansas to put us through a strong man workout and to discuss his delicious products through Keto Explorer. It was wonderful to see him in person and I'm thrilled to share this episode with you.

Adam is an explorer-turned-entrepreneur, and his products came from a need for keto-friendly foods to enjoy while backpacking or just being out in nature. Shelf stable, packaged foods that fit in with your ketogenic lifestyle are scarce, so Adam decided to fill that need with Keto Explorer.

What we discussed in this episode:

  • How Adam and I met and how that has evolved into a friendship over time (1:51)
  • Adam's motivation to create Keto Explorer products and what they are exactly (3:22)
  • His ketogenic journey and the reasoning behind exploring that lifestyle (4:04)
  • The switch to mainly strong man training and his routine (4:50)
  • The humbling workout Adam put us through, involving sandbags, continental clean presses, and halos (6:40)
  • The different equipment he uses for strong man training and his home gym (13:35)
  • Adam's background in camping and outdoor life (he's an Eagle Scout!) and how he has continued to love the outdoors in his adult life (15:32)
  • His evolution from tent camping, to jumping jack trailer, to finally RV and how he enjoys having the creature comforts all the while being able to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer (17:35)
  • The difference between freeze drying and dehydration and why one method is preferred over the other (25:56)
  • The various products offered through Keto Explorer and how the business is growing and expanding (33:43)

Where to learn more about Adam's adventures and to purchase his goods:

Keto Explorer

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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