Rising From the Ashes of Addiction with Mike McCain

When you suffer from addiction, be it food or substances, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. How would your life change if you took the steps to admit you need help and begin the journey to recovery?

Mike McCain is a roofer based in Nebraska, but more than that, he is an inspiration to many as he shares his story of battling addiction and turning his life around to be the healthiest he's ever been. From adolescence through adulthood, Mike battled with his weight and food addiction, which turned to pain killer addiction after a painful workout injury. He rose above his addiction and shares his story of how the low carb, ketogenic lifestyle helped him battle inflammation and set him on a path to overall wellness.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Mike's backstory and the beginnings of his food addiction (1:24)
  • His inability to realize he had a problem because he considered himself a "high functioning addict" (12:33)
  • Why it took him over eight years to finally realize he had an addiction and seek help (15:04)
  • His quest to find something other than narcotics that would help with pain management (22:28)
  • How he fuels his body now and which foods can trigger the old addictive tendencies (30:31)
  • The unexpected weight loss benefits of going low carb in addition to helping battle inflammation and pain (35:03)
  • Realizing the difference between being hungry and succumbing to food addiction and working through that (37:33)
  • Getting past the food addiction to truly experience food freedom and all the benefits (45:11)
  • His experience with recovery and detox and how out of place he felt amongst other addicts (53:27)
  • His battle with rage and how it gradually calmed once he began eating low-carb, whole foods (57:15)

Where to read more about Mike's inspiring journey:


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Written By

Robert Sikes


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