The Farm Recap and Savage Genetics:Part Two with Dr. Anthony Jay

In this episode, I welcome back Dr. Anthony Jay to discuss our epic hunting trip on the farm and also a continuation of the discussion about my genetics.  

What we talked about:

  • Attendees to our annual farm hunting trip and our deer and hog haul (1:27)
  • The meals we ate while on the trip (4:36)
  • My foray into the mud and how we escaped (8:01)
  • Using a thermal scope (10:04)
  • The importance and health benefits of quality sourced meats (14:15)
  • Epigenetics, what it is, and how it can affect future generations (18:00)
  • Obesity, diabetes, and infertility and how some people may be predisposed to those ailments (20:24)
  • Average male testosterone levels in the 1980’s vs. now (23:01)
  • How the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis affect our hormone levels (26:03)
  • The importance of knowing what products you’re putting on your skin, especially sunscreen (29:08)
  • How chemicals in many beauty products mimic estrogen (33:30)
  • The effects plastic has on our ocean water (38:04)
  • Water filtration systems and their benefits (39:26)
  • The health impact of switching out your plastic containers and bottles for glass or stainless (41:24)
  • Why we need to measure women’s testosterone levels as well (42:11)
  • The effect of sleep quality and extremely low cholesterol on sex hormones (46:07)
  • Multivitamins and why they may not be a great idea from a nutritional and hormonal standpoint (50:46)
  • Dr. Jay’s recommendation for what blood panel and genetic tests to have done (54:01)
  • Exercise and how it can combat the effects of high blood pressure (57:07)
  • Magnesium and electrolytes (58:58)
  • What’s coming up in the pipeline for Dr. Jay (1:07:17)

Where to learn more about Dr. Jay and genetic testing:

AJ Consulting Company 

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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