The Life Changing Effects of Keto with Chris Esquilin

Have you tried seemingly every nutritional protocol out there with little to no success in changing your health and well-being? Chris Esquilin switched to a ketogenic lifestyle and has lost 120 pounds and completely changed his life. 

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Chris’s backstory and why he decided to make the switch to keto (1:43)
  • Why he thinks keto is the protocol that works for him and how he’s been able to maintain that lifestyle (4:02)
  • Dietary fat and satiety (4:57)
  • The progression of weight loss that Chris experienced when starting keto (6:17)
  • How he tracked his food in the beginning when the weight loss was rapid compared to now (7:24)
  • The division in the keto/low-carb community (8:59)
  • The importance of realizing that each person is different and requires their own dietary protocol, tailored for their needs, in order to be successful (13:49)
  • Different “versions” of keto and how those can be detrimental (15:37)
  • Social media influencers and why you should be cautious with who you follow for advice on keto (18:31)
  • Consistency (20:15)
  • Keto benefits outside of weight loss (22:41)
  • When Chris noticed that the old food cravings had disappeared and what that meant for him (27:26)
  • Food addiction and the theory of “everything in moderation” (30:21)
  • The physical and psychological benefits of making keto a lifestyle change rather than a “quick fix” to lose weight (35:00)
  • Chris’s foray into coaching and how that’s going (36:51)
  • Dogmatism in the keto community (37:57)
  • Fat adaptation (40:04)
  • The importance of being consistent with any dietary protocol, but especially with keto (43:36)
  • Chris’s support system and how some of his family members have followed suit on this ketogenic journey (46:55)
  • Leading by example (48:31)

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Robert Sikes


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