The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: a (Friendly) PSMF Debate with Rachel Gregory

If you're curious about the hype/stigma surrounding protein sparing modified fasting (PSMF), then this podcast episode is for you. Today we welcome back Rachel Gregory to discuss the pros, cons, and overall nitty gritty of PSMF.

Rachel is a board-certified nutrition specialist, strength and conditioning specialist, author, podcaster, and all-around badass.  She's worked with elite athletes and bodybuilders and really knows her stuff when it comes to fitness and nutrition, especially PSMF and how to incorporate it properly into your lifestyle. As usual, it was a pleasure to talk to Rachel today and I'm sure you're going to learn a lot from this episode. 

What we discussed: 

  • What, exactly, PSMF is and its origins (2:40)
  • The importance of educating yourself before making any drastic changes to your fitness and nutrition routine (3:41)
  • The negative effects of long-term underfeeding the body (7:14)
  • How Rachel incorporates PSMF with her clients (7:58)
  • The caloric budget approach and the importance of doing it the correct way for long-term sustainability (11:50)
  • Strategically implementing PSMF in order to avoid underfeeding your body and causing further health problems down the road (18:24)
  • How PSMF can aid in metabolic flexibility (21:50)
  • My opinion on consistency in regard to caloric intake as opposed to constant fluctuations (28:33)
  • The importance of knowing your goals in order to incorporate a PSMF at the proper time (32:14)
  • Our differing opinions on when to incorporate a PSMF (training vs recovery days)(37:13)
  • The benefits of PSMF when building lean muscle as opposed to strict fasting over the long term (39:48)
  • The dangers of using PSMF as a hack to burn fat and lose weight quickly (46:06)
  • The differences between strategically implementing PSMF days as opposed to trying to sustain it long-term (46:57)
  • Why it's important to have balance when approaching a fat loss or muscle building phase (56:35)
  • Rachel's practical way to implement PSMF into your nutrition plan vs. my approach of chipping away, little by little, without drastic shifts (57:55)

For more information on PSMF to work with Rachel, visit:

Metflex Life


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Written By

Robert Sikes


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