Back to Basics with Vivica Menegaz

Vivica Menegaz Show Notes

What changes could you make in your life to live more simply and naturally? Today, repeat guest Vivica Menegaz and I discuss her passion for going back to the basics in health and nutrition and her new cookbook, The Essential Carnivore Diet Cookbook.

Vivica is a certified whole-food nutritionist and focuses on helping her clients heal themselves through their relationship with food. Her journey in the "keto-paleo" world began when she discovered she was pre-diabetic. She healed herself by following a more ketogenic approach to fueling her body and has seen benefits such as weight loss and the absence of brain fog. Her new cookbook is chock full of delicious, easy recipes that can help anyone, whether or not they follow a carnivore lifestyle. As usual, I learned a lot from our conversation, and I'm looking forward to trying some of those delicious recipes.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The concept behind The Essential Carnivore Diet Cookbook (1:40)
  • Vivica’s nutritional evolution and how she ended up following a more carnivore approach to eating (6:09)
  • The different types of carnivore diets and what they entail (9:37)
  • The history behind her favorite recipe in the book, pemmican (12:43)
  • Bone marrow, organ meats, and their immense nutritional value (19:05)
  • Food labels and the importance of reading and knowing exactly what is in the food you purchase either from a store or in a restaurant (26:12)
  • Vivica’s experience with perimenopause/menopause in herself and her clients, and her opinions on bioidentical hormone replacement (32:13)
  • The difficulty in maintaining a mostly natural lifestyle when today’s environment is full of toxins and chemicals and what you can do to combat that (37:38)
  • How to live a life that values hard work in an instant-gratification society (40:27)
  • Finding joy and contentment in the simpler things in life (42:09)
  • The importance of pursuing a life of sustainability (46:63)
  • How learning from history can help us to improve our world and our lives (48:48)

Where to learn more about Vivica’s programs and purchase her cookbook:

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Robert Sikes


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