The Metabolic Health Summit and Struggling With Long Covid With Victoria Field

The long-term effects of a COVID-19 infection can be detrimental, even for someone seemingly healthy and fit. Victoria Field discusses her experience battling “long Covid” and the history and future of the Metabolic Summit. 

Victoria is the co-founder of Metabolic Health Initiative (MHI), a science education organization that hosts the international scientific conference, Metabolic Health Summit. MHI has a mission to revolutionize science and medicine by refocusing attention on the importance of nutrition and metabolism in treating disease, extending life, and improving human performance. (

What you’ll learn on this episode:

  • The start of the Metabolic Health Summit (3:04)
  • 2022 Metabolic Health Summit and what that will entail (4:56)
  • The background of the summit and why it began (5:43)
  • Filling the needs of the community as a whole (9:26)
  • Improving metabolic health through a ketogenic based diet and lifestyle (15:15)
  • Where the trend seems to be going in terms of keto and the nutrition space (22:35)
  • Disease prevention and a ketogenic lifestyle (26:41)
  • Where Victoria goes for research (28:28)
  • Making the information accessible for everyone (32:39)
  • The advantages to adopting a ketogenic diet or becoming fat adapted when the ultimate goal is living a healthier, longer life (34:57)
  • The beginning of her battle with Covid in November of 2020 and the long-term effects she’s facing (42:05)
  • Sharing her experience with Covid and the importance of that (52:39)
  • Possible genetic red flags that could be present when it comes to Covid infections and how individuals react and are affected (54:43)
  • A low histamine diet to combat the ongoing effects of Covid infections (59:25)
  • Resetting the immune system with periodic prolonged fasting (1:01:53)
  • The psychological effects of not being able to train for a significant amount of time (1:05:53)

Where to learn more about Victoria and the Metabolic Health Summit:

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Robert Sikes


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