Breaking Through the Darkness With Eric Rogers

Has trauma helped shape who you are as a person? Sexually abused in early childhood, Eric battled addiction and homelessness to become the man he is today. He has found his passion in fitness and nutrition and helps others improve their lives and mindset.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • Eric's backstory, beginning with his abuse and later addiction (2:07)
  • How his battle with addiction affected him physically and mentally (8:16)
  • Finally becoming sober by living off the grid in the wilderness for four months (11:23)
  • Alcoholism, falling in love, and losing it all again (13:09)
  • Becoming the father and husband his family needs (16:23)
  • The evolution of his fitness and nutrition business (20:29)
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy coping mechanisms (21:54)
  • Why normal feels "boring" to him (22:59)
  • Going to and embracing the dark shadows of your mind in order to realize your full potential (24:52)
  • Self-mastery (26:19)
  • How taking responsibility for your life and your actions can be extremely empowering (28:05)
  • Whether or not everyone should adopt the mentality of ownership over everything in their lives (31:33)
  • Conviction (34:08)
  • The point in life when people stop believing in themselves (35:19)
  • The journey towards healing with his family (37:14)
  • The effect that fathers have on their sons (39:17)
  • Self-mastery and taking responsibility for your reactions (41:26)
  • Routine (43:46)
  • Making sure to enjoy your life (47:12)
  • What brings Eric joy (48:03)
  • What it's like being a father (48:45)
  • How he parents given his upbringing (50:53)
  • What he's currently working on and what's in the pipeline for him (53:42)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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