The Science of Nutrition with Kristi Storoschuk

Kristi Storoschuk is a PhD candidate in the Muscle Physiology Lab at Queen's University studying exercise, metabolic health, and mitochondrial function. She's had the privilege to work with some of the top scientists in her field and is a wealth of information on all things keto, fasting, and metabolic therapies. I learned a ton from this episode and I know you will as well.

What we discussed:

  • Kristi's background and what is entailed with her PhD program (2:33)
  • Fasted exercise and skeletal muscle adaptations (5:45)
  • How fasting can improve insulin (11:24)
  • Lactate threshold and its relationship to ketogenic diet and exercise (17:51)
  • Keto diet and exercise performance with a focus on skeletal muscle metabolism (24:11)
  • Exercise and metabolism during weight loss (33:28)
  • Muscle glycogen depletion and resynthesis in resistance-trained athletes (42:49)
  • Muscle glycogen supercompensation and ketogenic diets (46:42)
  • Fitness and nutrition habits and strategies (52:33)
  • How small changes can affect metabolic health (59:03)

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Robert Sikes


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