The Art of Hunting with Bruce McGlenn

If you've followed our content for a while, you know that hunting and eating nose-to-tail is a big part of my life. Founder and lead instructor of Human Nature Hunting, Bruce McGlenn has nearly 40 years of bird and big game hunting experience in the Pacific Northwest. Passed down from his father, hunting has been a way of life for Bruce from the beginning. He sees as much importance in the experiences and personal growth gained from hunting as he does as a source of healthy food and connection to nature.

A third-generation hunter/gatherer of the Northwest, Bruce has been helping people reclaim their hunting heritage since the 1990s, officially with the Awaken the Hunter course in 2016. He has taught introductory hunting and shooting classes with the non-profit Washington Outdoor Women since 2001 and guided fly fishing and whitewater rafting. He is a certified Master Hunter and shooting instructor, holds a Master's degree in sustainable business, and is a licensed professional engineer in Washington.

Bruce is a committed steward of the land and wildlife, primarily due to his understanding and appreciation of our ecosystem from engaging in it as a participant - a hunter. His desire to help heal and strengthen the human connection to nature inspires him to teach and pass on his skills so others can confidently experience the journey of the hunt. (

It was a joy to speak with him and I know you'll enjoy this conversation, too.

What you'll hear:

  • Bruce's background and hunting as a way of life (2:07)
  • Hunting in the western US, with a focus on physical fitness and outdoor adventure (6:07)
  • The mental and physical challenges of hunting in Montana (10:59)
  • Hunting risks and how it leads to self-sufficiency (17:08)
  • Hunting is a spiritual practice, connecting one to nature and what you consume (21:11)
  • Honoring and appreciating the animals, ethics, and personal growth as a hunter (28:35)
  • Hunting and outdoor skills with a focus on reconnecting with nature (36:24)
  • Human Nature Hunting, his program that teaches women outdoor skills and introduces them to hunting (37:38)
  • Advocating for the need for more hunters to address the declining hunting community and funding for wildlife management (41:53)
  • Conservation and community (45:51)
  • The details of his hunting course, which focuses on practical training, safety, and skill-building (54:04)
  • Hunting as a metaphor for life and sharing the experience with others (1:01:59)
  • Wilderness survival skills and hunting practices (1:05:40)

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Robert Sikes


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