Unraveling Intermittent Fasting With Brian Gryn

Have you considered experimenting with intermittent fasting to help boost weight loss and for the overall health benefits? Brian Gryn began his research into intermittent fasting several years ago based on the results he saw with a client who was pre-diabetic and not seeing the weight training results she wanted. He was amazed with the results and decided to give it a try for himself, and the rest is history. 

Through his Integrative Institute of Nutrition education and ten years of group training/coaching, he has learned that eating can help the body heal itself. Sometimes it takes small daily changes to make the biggest impact.

He has never believed in diets or counting calories. Eating whole, real foods makes the most positive impact on the body. His goal is to find what works for you because everybody is unique. (https://briangryn.com/about/)

What we discussed on this episode:

  • Brian’s reason for delving into the world of intermittent fasting (3:31)
  • His current fasting protocol (5:43)
  • The positive effects fasting has on energy levels and overall well-being (8:19)
  • The importance of keeping it simple when it comes to fasting and health and nutrition overall (11:44)
  • Roadblocks or obstacles that Brian comes across with his clients when they try to adopt an intermittent fasting approach (12:51)
  • Meal combining and how it affects insulin and blood sugar levels (14:43)
  • Brian’s thoughts on Stevia and why he thinks it’s better to have a plain coffee or an unsweetened drink instead (18:12)
  • Other sweeteners, such as allulose and erythritol, and their effects on the body (19:51)
  • Various nutrition bars on the market and why it’s important to be careful with what you consume in order to avoid the junk that could wreak havoc on your nutritional protocol (20:50)
  • Fasting from a sustainability standpoint (22:59)
  • The detriment of constant extended fasting and chronically undereating (26:00)
  • The benefits of occasional cleansing and extended fasting (29:27)
  • The importance of having a goal in mind when getting into intermittent fasting (34:38)
  • Why it’s important to optimize your nutrition for the most nutrient-dense, wholesome foods when fasting (37:39)
  • New things that are in the pipeline for Brian (38:11)
  • Taking a holistic approach to nutrition and fitness and the importance of realizing that change doesn’t happen overnight (40:54)

Where to learn more from Brian:

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Robert Sikes


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