Where We’re Heading in the World of Exogenous Ketones with Frank Llosa

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of exogenous ketones? Frank Llosa is an entrepreneur and former Division I track athlete, who incorporates biohacking to stay competitive in all his endeavors. He is the founder of KetoneAid, a performance-enhancing sport and brain ketone ester drink.

What you'll hear in this episode:

  • The beginnings of ketone drinks and the changes that have occurred since (3:36)
  • Ketone esters vs. ketone salts (5:13)
  • Benefits of the ketone salts and what it means to be in ketosis (7:04)
  • Caffeine and exogenous ketones (9:50)
  • Science and electrolytes (11:02)
  • The differences between the various esters on the market (14:14)
  • Preying on the ignorance of the consumer with "quick fix" foods and supplements on the market (18:57)
  • The various products available through KetoneAid and their benefits (19:46)
  • Possible adverse effects (27:18)
  • How the body converts the ketones (31:21)
  • Possible intoxication (32:18)
  • When in doubt, avoid questionable products (34:28)
  • Glucose-based athletes and inflammation and how ketone esters can help (38:22)
  • How consuming exogenous ketones affects endogenous fat metabolism (43:37)
  • Enhancing performance (45:22)
  • Sleep benefits (46:49)
  • Being honest with consumers (50:39)
  • Veganism (52:22)
  • What he has coming up in the pipeline (55:49)

Where to learn more about Frank and KetoneAid:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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