Protein, Fat, and the Carnivore Lifestyle with Amber O’Hearn

Are you restricting your fat intake to the detriment of your health? Amber O'Hearn is a legend in the carnivore, nose-to-tail space and she shared the vast benefits the carnivore lifestyle has had on her health and well-being. 

Amber O'Hearn has an eclectic background, with academic publications in several fields including theoretical mathematics, cognitive psychology, computational linguistics, and more recently, evolutionary nutrition and biology. She has been studying and experimenting with low-carb, ketogenic diets since 1997, and is particularly interested in evolutionary constraints and interspecies differences. Amber has been eating a nearly plant-free diet since 2009. (

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Amber's background and reasons for choosing a plant-free lifestyle (2:13)
  • The criticism she has faced during her many years in the low-carb, carnivore space (4:31)
  • Her nose-to-tail approach to the carnivore lifestyle and her opinion on the benefits of organ meats (5:54)
  • The debate between high protein vs. high fat and Amber's take on that (8:56)
  • Protein as a tool for building and repairing muscle but not as a source of energy (12:54)
  • How fat macros can vary based on body composition and body fat percentage (15:35)
  • The effect that consistently having a very low fat intake can have on your hormones (20:46)
  • Protein vs. fat from a satiety standpoint (25:07)
  • How fiber tricks your body into thinking it's satiated (28:32)
  • The importance of blending fat and protein for effective satiety and energy levels (30:42)
  • Metabolic rate as it applies to hunger and satiety (34:10)
  • Severely restricting caloric intake and how that affects energy levels (37:26)
  • Caloric surplus and how it can boost energy levels with the proper nutrition (41:27)
  • Extreme caloric deficit and how that can affect sleep quality (45:34)
  • How being in a ketogenic state can enhance slow wave sleep (46:28)
  • Versions of "keto" that have emerged and the various types of fat, from stearic acid to lauric acid (50:53)
  • The importance of constantly researching and learning when it comes to nutrition (55:37)
  • Amber's visit to Nova Scotia and her favorite seafood to eat while there (59:43)

Where to learn more from Amber:

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Robert Sikes


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