Strength Training, Cardio, and Optimal Nutrition with Menno Henselmans

Do you spend hours on the treadmill, thinking that cardio workouts are the best way to achieve ideal results? Menno Henselmans schools us on the importance of combining strength training with proper nutrition in order to maintain optimal health.

Menno helps serious strength trainees get the most out of their physique with scientific fitness education. In addition to managing his online courses, he's an online physique coach, scientific researcher and international public speaker.

In what little time he doesn't spend working or educating himself, he slow-travels the world with his digital nomad girlfriend in search of the planet's most beautiful nature and tastiest sushi. (

What we discussed in this episode:

  • Menno's switch from business to fitness and nutrition (3:34)
  • How his family and friends reacted to his extreme career change (4:53)
  • The struggles he faces when creating good content in the health and wellness space (6:29)
  • The structure of his workflow when researching a new concept or project (8:59)
  • How he handles issues regarding his evidence-based approach to fitness and nutrition and speaking to his target audience (11:31)
  • The benefits of strength training and how it is far superior to endless hours of cardio for achieving overall health and fitness (14:25)
  • The mechanisms of muscle growth and how the approach has changed over the years (17:16)
  • Specific techniques to aid the seasoned lifter in adding more muscle to his/her frame (20:48)
  • How to move past a weight lifting plateau (23:38)
  • The differences in training between a natural athlete and one who uses supplements or performance enhancing drugs (25:47)
  • The division he sees in the nutritional and training realms (28:29)
  • A typical day of eating for Menno, and how it differs based on the training phase he's in (29:39)
  • Menno's take on the importance of dietary fat when it comes to hormonal balance (32:04)
  • How low-fat bodybuilding is a trap, especially when it comes to testosterone (36:16)
  • The benefits of reverse dieting as well as the detrimental effects of chronic undereating (39:51)
  • Optimal body fat percentage if you're trying to build lean muscle (42:30)
  • Finding balance in training and taking advantage of the off-season to rebuild (47:18)
  • His opinion on stearic acid and insulin resistance or sensitivity (51:23)
  • The topics in his newly published book, including mindset and productivity (52:49)
  • Menno's recommended reads (54:29)
  • His travel aspirations and upcoming schedule (56:07)

Where to learn more from Menno:

On the web

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Robert Sikes


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