All Things Dietary with Repeat Guest DJ Webb

When it comes to nutrition, DJ Webb is no stranger to experimentation. It was a pleasure to have him on the podcast again to pick his brain about his experience with the various protocols and what he's learned along the way.

What we discussed on this episode:

  • Carb backloading and why it's unhealthy (3:36)
  • The evolution of his nutritional protocol and his experience with keto (7:04)
  • Bulking and cutting (11:29)
  • Disordered eating tendencies after a show (15:10)
  • Deadlift records (16:33)
  • His preference between powerlifting or body composition competitions (21:02)
  • Lifting modifications due to injury (22:06)
  • Running and starting the one mile a day trend (23:55)
  • Minimum effective cardio (27:10)
  • Running's effect on bodybuilding prep and regular workouts (30:50)
  • 4x4x48 (34:51)
  • Electrolytes during endurance feats (35:56)
  • Fueling with keto bricks during the Bataan Death March (37:49)
  • Any benefits he noticed from carb cycling from a lifting recovery standpoint (39:09)
  • Carbohydrates and inflammation (41:52)
  • Keto and how it benefits lifestyle design (44:32)
  • Addressing nutrition through the physiological lens and the psychological lens (48:45)
  • Vegetable consumption (52:41)
  • His experience eating nothing but meat and bricks for a month (53:39)
  • The addition of honey (54:50)
  • The benefits of adding fruit from a stress and sleep standpoint (58:46)
  • Net carbs vs. total carbs (1:01:54)
  • What's coming up in the pipeline for DJ (1:03:50)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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