Catching Up With Joe Binley

From the age of 16, Joe Binley has been interested in supplementing for peak performance. He got his business degree in purchasing and supply chain management and was ready to launch his own company. He was mentored by someone in the industry, made some good connections, and launched Project AD. He's super successful from a business and personal standpoint and it was great to pick his brain and catch up a bit.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • Joe's backstory and the beginnings of Project AD (3:22)
  • The reason for the name Project AD (7:56)
  • His feelings on the supplement industry today (9:49)
  • Sourcing quality materials (11:37)
  • Finding success in a saturated market (13:55)
  • Bridging the gap between prepping clients for the stage and working with those who simply want to better themselves (16:15)
  • The downfall of being dogmatic when it comes to fitness and nutrition (19:25)
  • Experimenting with different nutritional protocols so that he can be knowledgeable when he speaks on a subject (21:51)
  • Being genuine and authentic, which adds to credibility (25:06)
  • Fruit (28:03)
  • Resetting metabolism by getting incredibly lean (28:55)
  • Chronic caloric restriction and the importance of a surplus (30:58)
  • Eating whole, quality foods (35:09)
  • Evolutionary restriction of choice (38:16)
  • What Joe's nutrition currently looks like (40:17)
  • Various types of fat (45:52)
  • Ketogenic refeeds (48:03)
  • Mindset and priorities (52:22)
  • Minimizing the risk of binging after a competition (52:50)
  • Testing testosterone levels (53:27)
  • Stress's effect on testosterone (55:26)
  • Testosterone supplementation (59:00)
  • New products and events in the pipeline for Joe (1:01:52)
  • The role of genetics in fitness and nutrition (1:07:57)

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Robert Sikes


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