Back-to-Competition Preps with Deeper State Keto Coach Jen PIttaro

In this episode, we welcome back badass Jen Pittaro, one of our Deeper State Keto Coaches and a highly accomplished ketogenic athlete. She discusses the lessons she learned through prepping for two back-to-back competitions. I know you'll learn a lot from this conversation.

What you'll hear:

  • Why she decided to prep for a second show right on the heels of the first (2:36)
  • The excitement of her first competition and being invited back to compete on a world-level stage (4:09)
  • Her stats throughout the competition preps and refeed (5:22)
  • Earning her pro cards in fitness and wellness and being pleasantly surprised by her placings (10:10)
  • Cardio workouts towards the end of her prep (14:02)
  • How her mindset was affected by doing two shows so close together (16:16)
  • The benefits of taking more time off between shows (18:04)
  • Taking time off from competition in 2023 (19:56)
  • Sharing what she's learned with clients and how that fuels her to be better in other aspects of her life (21:33)
  • The joy of seeing others flourish (27:10)
  • Setting a strong, healthy example for her children (28:17)
  • Supplying wholesome, healthy foods for your children (33:57)
  • Higher vs. lower volume foods during prep (36:49)
  • Protein vs. fat in relation to satiety (41:24)
  • What's in the pipeline for her in 2023 (43:38)

Where to find Jen:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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