Family Check-in with Crystal Sikes

On this episode, I invited my lovely wife Crystal and son Rigel to give us a motherhood update as well as discuss a few things we have in the pipeline for the business in 2023.

What you'll hear:

  • Milestones that Rigel hit recently (1:51)
  • Introducing solid foods (2:22)
  • Ways in which motherhood has changed Crystal and her life (5:19)
  • Challenges we've faced this year (7:40)
  • Struggling through the first quarter of the year with the business (8:55)
  • New keto brick flavor (10:29)
  • The apparel line and launch (12:36)
  • Live Savage on social media, etc. (14:07)
  • Juggling a business and being a new mom (16:36)
  • How she's handling the postpartum time (20:09)
  • Body changes (21:08)
  • Social media's influence on new moms and their bodies (24:24)
  • Her weight training progress (26:42)
  • Things to look forward to in 2023 (29:17)
  • My transition to fatherhood (33:59)
  • Our travel and speaking schedule next year (36:08)
  • My upcoming trip to the farm with the guys (37:48)
  • Saving money by hunting and butchering our own meat (40:07)
  • Goals for next year (41:35)

Where to reach Crystal:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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