Battling Gum Disease and Tooth Decay with a Ketogenic Diet with Dr. Matthew Standridge

Are you aware how much of an effect what you consume has on your dental health? Dr. Matthew Standridge is a dentist and a proponent of a ketogenic diet to promote not only overall health and well-being, but dental health as well.

Dr. Standridge has been very committed to excellence and continuing education. He went on to get his Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry, a credential less than 5% of dentists go on to earn. Dr. Standridge was also the youngest person in the history of the state of Kansas to earn this award. Dr. Standridge has gone on to learn more advanced services such as cosmetics, orthodontics, and dental implants; services that were not readily available in the area. Dr. Standridge has also been featured on multiple dental podcasts and interviews and has started coaching and lecturing to other dentists. (

He is passionate about the benefits of the ketogenic diet, and it was fascinating to chat with him and learn about dental health and a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  •  How Dr. Standridge started on the ketogenic path and how his diet and nutrition changed during dental school (2:47)
  •  What he believes is behind the obesity epidemic in America, specifically when it starts at a young age (9:31)
  •  How he's raising his children based on his experience with obesity in childhood, with a goal of being realistic about nutritional choices (12:17)
  •  His process for learning about new clients and what he asks about their dietary habits (17:44)
  •  The challenges medical professionals face when the majority of patients just want a pill to fix their problems rather than putting forth the effort to make real change (20:40)
  • Dr. Standridge's journey as a dentist and the patterns he sees in patients over the years (23:54)
  • Chewing tobacco, its sugar content, and their effects on dental health (29:29)
  • The villainization of sugar and the detrimental effects it has on tooth enamel (31:50)
  •  How various foods affect mouth health, from sugar to grains to broccoli (34:54)
  •  Coffee and how it changes the pH levels in our mouths (43:12)
  •  The benefits of intermittent fasting and how constant grazing doesn't allow your mouth to reach homeostasis (44:30)
  •  Different cultures and how their diet of low carbohydrate consumption results in far fewer cavities and tooth problems than the United States culture (48:40)
  •  The importance of looking at health from a holistic standpoint rather than dividing up the body (53:19)
  •  The pushback Dr. Standridge receives because of his low carbohydrate, ketogenic approach to dental health and how he handles it (54:50)
Where to learn more about Dr. Matthew Standridge:

The Ketodontist

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Robert Sikes


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