Living Life Full Throttle With Zac Griffith

Do you take advantage of every moment or do you make excuses? Zac Griffith lives a purposeful life and makes sure he enjoys everything he does, whether it's parenting or his career.

Zac graduated from Utah State University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. His video and editing experience there inspired him to transition his talents to the outdoors. As a photojournalist and dedicated hunter, Zac attempts to tell a story of each hunt through video. 

Zac is a proud husband to his beautiful wife Rocky and father of three little ladies and twin boys, who he hopes will one day share the passion for the outdoors! 

Zac is the Jefe de Operaciones of SUMMIT Productions, LLC, and is national Pro-Staff for HOYT, MTN OPS, FBomb, Leupold, First Lite, Lathrop & Sons, Spot Hogg, Blackovis, and Exo Mountain Gear. (

What we discussed in this episode: 

  • How Zac makes the most of every waking hour of his day (3:31)
  • His dedication to only include things and activities in his life that he truly enjoys (5:22)
  • Blocking off time in your schedule to make sure you take care of the things that truly matter (6:52)
  • Using your time efficiently and cutting back on things that don't add value to your life (9:04)
  • Zac's experience constructing a new custom home in Utah (9:58)
  • Deer hunting on his property and handling his neighbors' inquiries (11:18)
  • Hunting as a form of conservation and how mainstream media is beginning to see the light in that regard (12:56)
  • The different forms of hunting, from bow to rifle (14:43) All the various types of gear for bowhunting (21:15)
  • The role of ethics in hunting (23:17) Zac's practice schedule and routine with his bow (24:50)
  • The different types of arrows and bow setups (27:45)
  • His nutritional experiments and the results he's seen (35:16)
  • Caloric deficit vs. caloric surplus and how they affect energy levels and weight lifting ability (42:50)
  • Zac's current business focus (44:12) 
  • The importance of authenticity in social media (46:56)
  • What Zac is currently excited about in his personal and professional life (47:46) 

Where to follow Zac in his endeavors: 

Zac Griffith
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Written By

Robert Sikes


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