Beauty Products and Beef Tallow with Matthew Stillman

Are you interested in more naturally-based skin care products? Matthew Stillman is the CEO of Primal Derma and he challenges us to get back to connection to the earth and our ancestors, and that includes our skincare. Their products are amazing and I'm excited to share them, and Mathew, with you.

What we discussed:

  • The backstory of Primal Derma and tallow-based skin care products (1:57)
  • Nourishing skin from the inside out (9:54)
  • How their skin care can help with calluses and rough hands from lifting weights (11:59)
  • The ingredients and scent of Primal Derma (14:20)
  • The products they offer (16:51)
  • How the process looks for creating Primal Derma (18:27)
  • Regulations for skin care products (19:50)
  • Making an impact with small changes (20:45)
  • Growing up in New York City (24:10)
  • Sourcing his materials (27:21)
  • Competition in his industry of naturally-minded skin care (28:58)
  • The cost of producing plant-based products, including environmental impacts (30:01)
  • Business wins and losses and what he's excited about going forward (34:43)

Where to learn more about Primal Derma and purchase products:

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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