Keeping Your Hormones Happy with Christian Unger

Do you have questions about hormone health or hormone replacement therapy? For this episode, I welcome back Christian Unger, who is well-versed in hormone health, specifically sex hormones and muscle tissue. He is a PhD candidate and has a wealth of information on his subject. This was a very informative episode and I know you'll take something from it.

What we discussed:

  • His excitement over becoming a father (2:04)
  • Preparing for fatherhood and his wife's pregnancy (5:10)
  • Powerlifting (6:54)
  • His dissertation topic (9:33)
  • Exercise and nutrition with a focus on metabolism (10:09)
  • Explosive training for fitness and aging (13:30)
  • Muscle strength, hormone levels, and diet (19:35)
  • How leanness affects testosterone levels (23:07)
  • Hormone levels and the importance of reverse dieting after a competition prep (25:42)
  • Exogenous hormone therapy vs. lifestyle changes (29:03)
  • The downfalls of hormone replacement therapy and how to combat them (32:16)
  • The importance of prioritizing sleep (40:38)
  • Sleep hacks (42:31)
  • Data that he's seen with sex hormones in muscle tissue (44:54)
  • Supplementation (52:47)
  • Importance of expanding the knowledge on hormone replacement therapy (53:57)
  • The dangers of "majoring in the minors" (57:08)
  • What he's excited about going forward (1:00:52)

Where to learn more from Christian:

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Robert Sikes


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