Being Vulnerable About Addiction with Frank Rich

Have you ever suffered from addiction but didn't realize it? Frank Rich was exposed to pornography at a very early age and didn't realize until much later that he had an addiction. He eventually discovered the health and fitness space, devoted his life to Christ, and was able to overcome his addiction to pornography, drugs, and alcohol.

What we discussed in this episode:

  • His backstory and how he realized his damaging behavior and eventually found himself in the health and fitness space (2:25)
  • How his addiction to pornography affected his relationship with his girlfriend (11:00)
  • Sharing his story through his podcast (14:30)
  • How his podcast eventually led to coaching others through porn addiction (16:46)
  • The growing percentage of men and women who have an issue with pornography (22:40)
  • Women may not be his ideal clientele for coaching (25:43)
  • Pornography being so easily accessible now due to the internet and how it affects our children (28:26)
  • The importance of being authentic (32:44)
  • Leading by example (36:29)
  • Vulnerability and why it's so difficult (40:06)
  • Creating authentic, quality content (44:45)
  • How being idle or bored can lead to destructive habits (49:32)
  • Sexual objectification and how it starts (51:54)
  • Self-awareness (53:55)
  • What Frank has coming up in the near future (54:41)
  • Watching out for addictions that are easily justifiable (1:00:16)

Where to find Frank:

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Robert Sikes


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