All Things Strength Training with Guru Ebenezer Samuel

Ebenezer Samuel is a fitness writer for Men's Health magazine, but his role encompasses much more than that. He is responsible for some of the videos, product features, and much more. He's basically a fitness guru and I know you'll find something actionable in this episode. I learned a lot and I'm sure you will as well.

What we discussed:

  • His background in fitness and how he ended up at Men's Health (1:42)
  • The trends he's seen come and go in the past five years he's worked at the magazine (2:57)
  • Which trends are worth the hype and which aren't worth the time (4:08)
  • The benefits of even the most basic equipment (8:40)
  • Variability vs. consistency (12:49)
  • How he structures variability in his workouts (15:08)
  • The benefits of cycling through workout rotations (19:51)
  • Making slight changes to movements to make them feel slightly different, to avoid getting into a rut (21:53)
  • The various demographics he works with (23:23)
  • Differences in training programs between men and women (27:02)
  • How fitness and nutrition change as time progresses (29:38)
  • The difference in workout intensity based on recovery time (32:01)
  • Incorporating explosive movements (34:24)
  • CrossFit and injury (43:37)
  • Injury prevention and recovery (46:27)
  • The importance of down-regulation (50:50)
  • Covering the things you want to do but also the things you need to do for health and longevity (53:25)
  • FlexIt virtual training platform (55:40)
  • App recommendation for tracking training (1:00:30)
  • Hypertrophy training for chest and hamstrings (1:04:00)

Where to find Ebenezer:

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Robert Sikes


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