Biohacking and Acetone Measurements with Jim Howard

For this episode, I welcomed back Jim Howard, the President and CEO of Biosense. They created a ketone breath monitor that also measures acetone. He tells us about this device and the multitude of benefits for those following a ketogenic lifestyle.

What we talked about:

  • Background of the Biosense monitor, what has changed, and what is in store in the future of the product (2:20)
  • Key differences in readings from the blood ketone monitors and the breath ketone monitors (5:23)
  • Measuring exogenous ketones (7:52)
  • Some actionable takeaways from your measurements on the Biosense meter (10:27)
  • What happens to breath ketone levels during a workout (12:48)
  • The mechanics of how the meter works (15:20)
  • How fasting affects levels (16:24)
  • Differences he's noticed between endogenous ketone production vs. exogenous supplementation and breath levels (18:05)
  • Benefits of exogenous ketone supplementation (20:04)
  • How often he uses the Biosense meter (22:03)
  • Variations in breath readings compared to blood readings (23:21)
  • Metabolic flexibility and fat adaptation (26:04)
  • The differences between the Biosense meter and the Lumen device (27:34)
  • Actionable data (30:54)
  • Devices that measure cortisol levels (37:16)
  • The importance of looking at data over time and not just snapshots (39:24)
  • What's coming up in the pipeline for Jim and Biosense (40:08)
  • Upcoming conferences he will be attending (43:18)

Where to learn more:

  • Biosense (use code ketosavage20 to get $20 off!)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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