Catching Up with Robbie Hogge

Robbie is a former client who got absolutely shredded and competed in 2018. I had him on the podcast to catch up with him and talk about the aftermath he's facing in regards to long COVID and those health effects.

What we discussed:

  • His background and why he reached out to me for coaching (2:17)
  • Focusing on making a difference locally rather than keeping up with influencers on social media (12:16)
  • Trends that he's seen in the keto space and frustrations he's had (13:43)
  • Being consistent and keeping your mind open to other possibilities (19:43)
  • What has changed in regards to his nutrition from his 40's to his 50's (21:22)
  • The aesthetic issues with getting to a very low body fat percentage (25:34)
  • Body dysmorphia (26:53)
  • The importance of self-awareness (30:09)
  • His experience with COVID and now long COVID (32:23)
  • Symptoms of long COVID (40:41)
  • A good day is 75% of his normal (46:35)
  • Neurological effects (51:13)
  • What keeps him positive throughout the day when he's dealing with these issues (53:39)
  • Treatment protocol (54:11)
  • Oxygenating the cells to promote healing (1:02:31)
  • Finding a physician that will listen to and work with you to get better (1:06:05)
  • Making his way back to his peak physical state so he can move forward with crushing goals (1:08:32)

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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