Crossfit and Keto With Jocelyn Rylee

Have you ever gone against the grain when it comes to solving an issue with your health or nutrition? Jocelyn Rylee is a competitive CrossFit athlete, and after she had her second baby, she noticed that her traditional way of eating and tracking macros was no longer working for her. She experimented with Bulletproof Coffee and was soon traveling down the rabbit hole of all things MCT oil and ketones. 

Jocelyn is one of only 3 coaches in Canada to hold the CrossFit Level 4 certification (the highest level available) and has the great honor of working for CrossFit HQ on the Level 1 Seminar Staff.

She has completed specialties in Endurance, Gymnastics, Competition, and Weightlifting. She also holds the NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning designation (the most well-respected accreditation in strength and conditioning) and is an NCCP Level 2 Olympic Weightlifting Coach. She is a level 3 referee in the sport of Weightlifting and was a board member of the Saskatchewan Weightlifting Assoc for 5 years. (

What we talked about:

  • Her background with CrossFit and nutrition (1:20)
  • Nutritional experiments she’s done throughout her years as a competitor (3:42)
  • Which diets are followed in the CrossFit community (5:14)
  • A typical day of nutrition for Jocelyn (8:26)
  • Performance benefits to adding small amounts of carbohydrates (10:31)
  • The recovery and anti-inflammatory benefits of keto (12:35)
  • Cheat meals (14:22)
  • Avoiding processed vegetable oils (16:01)
  • Her reasons for using stearic acid (18:31)
  • Her experience with carb backloading (21:52)
  • Hitting her stride with keto (25:01)
  • Return to training after her c-section and how the break affected her mentally (27:19)
  • Resistance training and how it aids in your ability to recover from injury, etc. (28:32)
  • Why she chose CrossFit (29:38)
  • The pitfall of CrossFit (34:22)
  • Jocelyn’s training schedule (36:43)
  • Stretching, flexibility, and mobility work (37:51)
  • Daily caloric intake (39:40)
  • Chronic undereating and how that affects hormones, especially with female athletes (41:04)
  • What causes her cravings if she goes above a certain carbohydrate threshold (44:04)
  • Reasons she doesn’t plan to deviate from keto any time in the future (46:58)
  • The period of adaptation you have to go through anytime you make a big dietary change (48:52)
  • Seasonal eating (52:14)
  • What she has coming up that she’s excited about (55:30)
  • Her Master's program in nutrition (57:29)

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Robert Sikes


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