Catamarans and Supplementation with Warren Matthews

If life threw you a curveball, would you be in a healthy enough state to completely shift gears and reinvent yourself? After losing a bundle in his catamaran business, Warren Matthews decided to develop a way to "extend' his life by 20 years in order to start from scratch.

Warren has a ton of business experience in industries ranging from glass tinting to fishing boats. Thanks to a business deal gone wrong, he lost everything and realized that in order to completely start over from scratch, he'd need to attempt to extend his life by 20 years, thus the concept of Xtend Life supplements was born. It was a pleasure to talk shop with him and I'm looking forward to trying Xtend Life's high quality supplements, especially Organ Ultra.

What we discussed on today's episode:

  • The growth of the ketogenic lifestyle in countries such as Australia and New Zealand (2:09)
  • Warren's bad business experience, which ultimately led to the formation of Xtend Life (3:56)
  • The concept and production of a catamaran by power almost 30 years ago (7:41)
  • The difference between a catamaran and a monohull and why Warren prefers one over the other (10:02)
  • Ocean travel via sailboat and tips and tricks for those setting out on a sea journey (15:03)
  • The divisiveness of the nation in the past year and how intolerant many people seem to be of other's opinions (20:05)
  • The background of Warren's reasons for beginning Xtend Life and his personal experience in the health industry (24:02)
  • Xtend Life's beginning stages, including sourcing ingredients and research (29:56)
  • The long marketing process for Xtend Life before putting the products on the market (35:00)
  • The importance of sourcing quality ingredients, especially when producing a product for human consumption (39:59)
  • The cost breakdown to produce a high-quality, successful product (46:29)
  • Xtend Life's flagship products and their benefits (52:24)
  • Warren's opinion on pharmaceuticals to treat high cholesterol, blood pressure, and other common ailments (1:07:22)

Where to learn more about Warren and Xtend Life:

Xtend Life

Listeners can receive 15% off their order by using code savage15.

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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