Sylwia Tabor Discusses the Benefits of MCT Oil, Gut Health, and Small Business Ownership

Do you suffer from digestive issues or just an overall feeling of unwell? Today's guest, Sylwia Tabor, took charge of her health and experimented with the addition and subtraction of various elements of her diet to figure out how she could function and feel her best.

Sylwia is influential in the carnivore space and is very transparent regarding her struggles with health and well-being. She suffered from gut health issues as a result of her eating disorder and a process of trial and error led her to the carnivore lifestyle. She's a big proponent of experimenting with various lifestyle changes to reach your optimum state of health and fitness. Her business, Carnivore Snax, produces some of the most delicious dried meat snacks we've had the pleasure of tasting. She's currently in the process of moving to a large warehouse as her business continues to grow, and we can't wait to see what great things she has in store for us.

What we discussed on today's episode:

  • Sylwia's experimentation with various dietary fats, including MCT oils, and the results of those experiments (2:30)
  • Her experience with MCT powders and why she recommends a certain brand (6:35)
  • The general inflexibility people have when it comes to trying new things, especially when following a carnivore or ketogenic lifestyle (11:34)
  • Her occasional use of honey and how it affects her energy level before a tough workout (14:44)
  • Using MCT oil as another component to help battle the effects of SIBO (16:34)
  • The importance, especially for women, in listening to your body and giving it what it needs through the various life cycles (18:50)
  • The delicate balance between too much protein and not enough, and the effects overconsumption can have on your gut health (23:19)
  • Sylwia's recommendation for how to start healing your gut (24:04)
  • Stepping back and evaluating what health issues you need to address before beginning any dietary protocol (34:01)
  • The reasoning behind founding Carnivore Snax and her decision to produce her products in-house in order to maintain quality (41:43)
  • Her journey to opening her own warehouse and continue to grow her business (46:12)

Where to follow Sylwia and continue to be inspired:

Carnivore Snax

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Robert Sikes


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