Thriving After Cancer with Chris Joseph

Have you ever struggled with a devastating diagnosis or a seemingly impossible situation in your life? Chris Joseph was diagnosed with stage three pancreatic cancer and immediately began chemotherapy. After suffering through the treatments and seeing no progress, he chose to fight his battle in a completely nontraditional way and is now cancer free and thriving.

What we talked about on this episode:

  • Chris's shocking pancreatic cancer diagnosis (1:46)
  • Quitting chemotherapy (3:14)
  • Breaking the diagnosis to his family (4:55)
  • Survival rate for pancreatic cancer (6:56)
  • How his view on life changed after the diagnosis (8:47)
  • Why the chemo didn't work (9:59)
  • Alternative methods for treating cancer (11:52)
  • Immunotherapy (15:15)
  • Non-negotiable lifestyle changes he has implemented (18:53)
  • The importance of getting outdoors and being physically active (21:52)
  • No one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition (24:05)
  • The role sugar plays in cancer growth (26:58)
  • How Western medicine fails at treating and preventing chronic disease (30:41)
  • How insurance companies dictate the standard of care in the US (31:41)
  • Improving baseline health to prevent disease (35:13)
  • Chris's motivation for writing his book (36:31)
  • Hope (40:10)
  • Writing as therapy (42:15)
  • Frustration with people on social media (47:15)
  • Simplifying nutrition (51:44)
  • Television and broadcast news as a stressor (54:07)
  • Chris's plans for the next chapter of his life (55:40)

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Robert Sikes


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