Conquering Cancer with Jenn “Streaky” Roberts

Jenn "Streaky" Roberts entered the health and fitness space in 2010. She began with CrossFit, which turned into Olympic lifting and bodybuilding; then, she received a horrible diagnosis that changed her life overnight. Rather than seeing this as a death sentence, Jenn changed her mindset and figured out what she needed to do from a fitness and nutrition standpoint to survive and thrive.

What we talked about in this episode:

  • Jenn's backstory and why she got into fitness (1:29)
  • Overcoming her introverted nature to begin competing (3:57)
  • Realizing that her body performs better following a ketogenic protocol (4:59)
  • Leaving CrossFit, preparing for another competition, and learning of her coach's cancer diagnosis (7:23)
  • Her diagnosis of Stage 1 cervical cancer (8:49)
  • Keeping her mindset positive and determined even after being told she would need to quit bodybuilding (10:08)
  • Chemotherapy and radiation and having to go on hormone replacement therapy (12:30)
  • Her nutritional protocol as she went through cancer treatment (15:04)
  • Going in for surgery and being told she's actually at Stage 3 cervical cancer (18:19)
  • Getting lean for competing in Nationals and placing last (19:39)
  • Discovering my book Ketogenic Bodybuilding and basing her nutritional protocol around those suggestions (20:18)
  • Thriving in business and coaching during the pandemic (22:45)
  • How her belief that she needs to help others get through similar situations helped her overcome her thoughts of giving up (25:18)
  • Integrative Medicine (26:47)
  • Alternative treatments to radiation (30:29)
  • How her experience with cancer has made her appreciate things so much more (32:27)
  • Bizarre nutritional advice from doctors to cancer patients (39:25)
  • What she's doing for her body now and how her nutrition looks (44:38)
  • Prepping for another competition (47:25)
  • Spending time with her grandfather (50:43)
  • Maintaining and positive mindset and outlook (55:20)

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Robert Sikes


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