The World of Insulin-like Growth Factor with Dr. Bruce Fong

Do you suffer from chronic health conditions, but continue to treat the symptoms instead of the root cause? Dr. Bruce Fong has been at the forefront of alternative therapies for immune-related diseases since the early 90's. Rather than focusing on alleviating symptoms or masking issues entirely with symptomatic-based pharmacologic therapies - Dr. Fong focuses on combating the root causes of illnesses. In addition to advocating for the effectiveness of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Fong leads in developing all our patients' treatment plans—drawing from the best treatment options from homeopathic, Chinese, and traditional medicine. (

What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Dr. Fong's backstory and why he became interested in this field of study (1:25)
  • His mother's motivation for opening the clinic (4:02)
  • Defining Western medicine, Chinese medicine, and integrative medicine (7:59)
  • Dogmatism in the medical space (11:43)
  • The difference in education and training between conventional and alternative medicine (13:41)
  • Putting the focus on the patient and their long-term health (17:06)
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) and how people can benefit from it (18:36)
  • What happens to the body from a molecular standpoint in the presence of IGF-1 (20:00)
  • Why it's called insulin-like growth factor (24:02)
  • IGF-1 and its similarities to insulin (24:38)
  • Exogenous IGF-1 and its impact on natural hormone production (27:05)
  • The use of deer antler as a health tonic (28:05)
  • The importance of liposomal delivery (33:26)
  • Using IGF-1 to help the aging process or treat ALS (34:55)
  • Other studies on IGF-1 and liposomal delivery (40:37)
  • Improving testosterone with IGF-1 (43:39)
  • Supplementing with IGF-1 in professional sports (46:53)
  • Any adverse effects from taking a higher dose (49:45)

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Robert Sikes


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