Cracking the Nutritional Genetic Code with Kristina Hess

Could one moment completely change the trajectory of your life? Kristina is a licensed dietician and clinical nutritionist whose career path shifted upon hearing a lecture by Thomas Seyfried regarding ketogenic metabolic therapy for cancer. She changed the direction of her practice to incorporate a ketogenic lifestyle and nutrigenomics. I learned a ton from this episode and I know you will as well.

What you'll hear:

  • Her background and the details of her practice (1:33)
  • Environmental factors and epigenetics (5:08)
  • The validity of genetic testing that's on the market now (7:33)
  • Her advice on where to focus your attention if you're just getting started with a lifestyle and nutrition change (12:00)
  • Saturated fat issues within her client base (14:35)
  • The benefits of genetic testing (17:47)
  • Experimenting with fasting and eating windows (22:07)
  • Data and sleep quality (23:19)
  • The interconnectedness of nature (25:28)
  • The effect of love and happiness on longevity (30:16)
  • Detox capacity (30:57)
  • Practicing resilience (33:17)
  • HeartMath (35:00)
  • Stoicism (39:05)
  • The importance of understanding predisposition to mental health disorders (41:34)
  • OmegaQuant (43:09)
  • Keto Symposium (44:43)
  • What to expect at the Keto Symposium and how it will be different (47:17)
  • What brings us together as a keto community (50:10)

Where to learn more about Kristina and the Keto Symposium:

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Robert Sikes


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