Dietary Experimentation With Seth Ludeman

Have you ever experimented with your diet to find relief from chronic ailments? Seth Ludeman was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and struggled to keep it in check. After losing his wife in an accident, Seth made the choice to focus on his health and mental well-being. He stumbled upon keto and has since experimented with various versions of it as well as other dietary protocols.

What we discussed on this episode:

  • Seth's health background and why made the choice to try keto (2:46)
  • Losing his wife and what he did to combat depression and bad coping habits (8:18)
  • The initial wins he had when starting keto (10:57)
  • Why he recommends hiring a trainer when you first start resistance training (11:49)
  • How he handled the Covid shutdown of 2020 and experimenting with flexible dieting (13:49)
  • How his body composition changed through his experimentation (21:14)
  • Reverse dieting and the importance of playing the long game (22:42)
  • His reasons he made the switch back to keto (25:03)
  • A leaner protein approach to keto (31:19)
  • How small behavior tweaks can make big improvements in our health (35:21)
  • Sustainability as the number one factor for success (37:27)
  • Eating wholesome keto foods from practicality standpoint (44:20)
  • Sensationalism and mud slinging in social media regarding nutrition (46:23)
  • Acknowledging mistakes and moving on, avoiding dogmatism (53:12)
  • The power of knowledge (55:07)
  • Supplementation (59:23)
  • Protein and satiety (1:04:40)

Where to follow Seth on his nutrition journey:

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Robert Sikes


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