From Fishing in the Outer Banks to Competition Prep, a Conversation with Brad Short

On today's episode, I'm chatting with friend and former client, Brad Short (aka The Bearded Powerlifter). Brad became my client last year and sadly Covid cut our competition prep short. He came back stronger and more determined than ever this year, and he just competed in his first bodybuilding competition in May. He followed the plan to the letter, never once complaining. It was a pleasure to work with him and to have him on the podcast today. He's truly an inspiration.

What we discussed:

  • Brad's recent tuna fishing trip to the Outer Banks (2:02)
  • The self-sustainability of fishing and hunting for food to nourish your family (5:10)
  • How Brad and I started working together and the beginning of his competition prep regimen (9:52)
  • Brad's macros during competition prep (13:22)
  • Ketogenic bodybuilding and the benefits (17:48)
  • The importance of maintaining a fun lifestyle while pursuing a goal, whether it's a bodybuilding competition or something else (22:47)
  • The differences between a bodybuilding prep and a powerlifting prep (25:33)
  • The bare bones equipment Brad used to train for his competition and how it forced him to go back to basics with weight training (30:12)
  • How all of the new studies and science out there can distract you from putting in the work to achieve a goal (32:27)
  • What the off-season/post-show lifestyle looks like for Brad (38:39)
  • The benefits of reverse dieting (42:33)
  • The value of seeking advice and coaching from someone who has experienced a bodybuilding competition prep before setting out on that journey (45:12)
  • Brad's next challenge, a Tough Mudder in Pennsylvania (47:46)

Where to follow along on Brad's adventures:

The Bearded Powerlifter

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Written By

Robert Sikes


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